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Botkin.AI company has been on the market since 2017. The project began with work on a neural network to search for oncology on CT scans of the chest organs. Now our technologies allow us to detect lung cancer with high accuracy and work with other types of medical images and pathologies. We are successfully working with CT, MRI studies and mammograms.

The Botkin.AI team consists of leading experts: artificial intelligence specialists, doctors and developers. We have our own scientific advisory medical council, which is headed by Professor, President of the Russian Society of Radiologists and Radiologists Valentin Evgenievich Sinitsyn.

Over the years, we have managed to implement more than 30 successful projects, including international ones. Botkin.AI products are used by leading medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and specialists.

Current market problems
High risk of missing pathologies - radiologists miss lung cancer on CT scans in more than 70% of cases
Every year, 40 million medical reports contain diagnostic errors
Workload of radiologists, shortage of qualified specialists
Difficulties in making a diagnosis
Almost ½ of malignant neoplasms are detected at a late stage
How can artificial intelligence technologies
solve this problem?
Connect specialists from other regions to process medical images
Help identify signs of cancer, including at an early stage (medical decision support system)
Reduce the time for processing the study and, accordingly, the queue for examinations
Detection of diseases in the early stages – our neural networks find signs of oncology that are barely discernible to the doctor's eye (even against the background of changes caused by COVID-19)
Additional detection of diseases on already taken images (automatic revision
of medical archives)
Does it mean that artificial intelligence will replace the doctor?
Artificial intelligence is a tool of control and assistance for a medical specialist. But the diagnosis, the choice of treatment regimen is still the responsibility of the doctor.
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