Artificial intelligence
for medical image analysis
AI platform for automatic analysis, remote description and routing
of medical images

For medical facility

  • optimizing the workload for medical personnel
  • reducing the cost of diagnostic services
  • increasing the efficiency of radiological equipment use
  • pathology overlook risk reduction
  • diagnostics quality control
  • increasing the speed of information exchange between medical units

For pharmaceutical companies

  • Tools for market research: Real World Evidence и Real World Data
  • Processing of large volumes of population medical data using modern technologies
  • Processing of population data according to the customer's criteria
  • Creation of specialized models for customer requests
  • Conducting research for additional detection of diseases to increase the commercialization of drugs

For medical staff

  • Radiologists’ workload reduction
  • Reduction of time for the description of the medical image
  • Pathology overlook risk reduction
  • Convenient tools for working with medical images
  • Studies remote description support

For patients

  • high standards of medical care
  • medical diagnostics without errors
  • quality control of the radiologist's work
  • verification of radiological conclusions using artificial intelligence
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We are in the TOP 10 startups around the world (EWC-2021)

More than 30 successful projects have been implemented

studies are gathered in our datasets

Scientific advisory medical council, scientific publications and patents

Pathology detection accuracy
- 0.95 (AUC) *
CE Mark

First AI-based platform in Russia that is registered as a medical device
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We are open to cooperation with health authorities, medical institutions, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, as well as equipment manufacturers.
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